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Key red feature
  • 100% All Natural with No Added Fillers
  • Dairy/Lactose Free
  • Vegan
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or Added Sugar


An Amazing Polyphenol Powerhouse

Key Reds is the most powerful polyphenol blend on the market, bar none. Every serving of Key Reds contains an astounding 85 different ingredients, all carefully chosen for their amazing health benefits. When combined, they create a potent dietary supplement that can treat a host of nagging health problems.

Benefits of Key Reds

A tasty berry flavored energy enhancing powder, that mixes with water to create an easy to drink supercharged beverage.

  • Increased Energy Feel less tired
    and fatigued.
  • Stronger Immunity Stay healthier and
    ward off disease.
  • Reduced Joint Pain Enjoy your favorite
    activities without pain.
  • Better Complexion Gives you more
  • Better Metabolism Burn fat and
    calories faster.
  • Improved Digestion Less gas and
Key Reds Powerhouse Blend

An unparalleled combination of 85 unique ingredients creates a complete
blend for optimal energy, digestion, and vitality.


the heart and soul of Key Reds is the polyphenol blend,
which contains an astounding 42 polyphenol-rich super fruits.

Grape Seed Extract

One of the most antioxidant-rich foods on the planet. Antioxidants are known to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, lower cholesterol, and lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Other antioxidant-rich fruits to this mix include prunes, grapes, plums, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Bilberry Extract

Used for centuries to reduce oxidative stress, lower cholesterol, and ease muscle and joint pain. Research shows Bilberry is also effective against diabetes, cancer, liver disease and kidney damage.


Loaded with beta-carotene, carrots provide a host of health benefits. Research shows beta-carotene can be effective against ertain cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, and skin disorders including psoriasis and vitiligo.

Aronia Cherries

One of the most nutrient-packed fruits in the world, with extremely high levels of polyphenols. Proven effective in reducing inflammation, a common element in virtually all disease.


11 carefully-selected ingredients make up our revolutionary energy-boosting blend, which provides you with sustained energy, so you don’t feel fatigued. Plus, they offer a host of added health benefits.

Mulberry Extract

Used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries for its health benefits. Mulberries have been shown to improve digestive health, lower cholesterol, aid in weight loss, increase circulation, boost immunity, prevent certain cancers, slow down the aging process, lower blood pressure and improve overall metabolism.

Bitter Melon

Great for your skin, keeps your cholesterol in check, improves bladder function, increase glucose metabolism, maintains constant energy levels, and helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Green & White tea

Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that can help reduce the signs of aging, improve brain function, speed up metabolism, lower your body fat and reduced risk of certain cancers and cardiovascular disease.

Ginger root

Well-known remedy for travel sickness; also been proven effective against nausea, indigestion, gas and bloating, irritable bowel and more.


    Probiotics are found inside your intestinal tract, and help your body digest and break down food. They are not only crucial to your digestive health, but they also help power your immune system. Key Reds includes a powerful Probiotic Blend of 4 vital unique strains: Lactobacillus cidophilus La-14, Bifid bacterium lactis Bl-04, Bifid bacterium longum Bl-05, Lactobacillus plant arum Lp-115. Probiotics not only help your body fight off disease so it can run optimally, but they’ve also been shown to improve energy.

    Note: Prebiotics has been added to the mix, which helps promote the growth of beneficial probiotics. In essence, prebiotics act as nourishment for the good probiotics bacteria in your gut.


    A unique mix of 9 digestive enzymes -- helps you better digest your food. Also reduces gas, bloating and indigestion, keeps your gut running at optimal efficiency, and helps you burn unwanted fat so that you can look and feel more attractive.


    A powerful combination of 17 vitamins and minerals, specially formulated to meet a variety of health needs. Contains calcium, zinc, chromium, selenium and potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and EIGHT different forms of vitamin B, including Riboflavin, Niacin, Thiamin, and B-12. The vitamins and minerals in this blend are comparable to anything you would expect from a reputable, high-end health food store.


Key Reds is made up of the very best ingredients available. Key Reds is an all-natural solution for energy and digestive problems that works wonders. And that’s why we offer customers this incredible guarantee -- one that makes trying Key Reds a no-brainer.

Here’s the deal: If you try Key Reds, and don’t feel a noticeable improvement in your digestion, energy levels, metabolism, mental focus, and overall sense of well-being, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Our 90-day complete money back guarantee allows you to try Key Reds with absolutely no risk involved.

The reason we make this type of guarantee is that our return rate on Key Reds is so staggeringly low. It seems that everyone who tries it absolutely loves it. We know you will too.
HOW DO I TAKE KEY REDS? It couldn’t be any easier. Just mix one scoop of Key Reds into an 8-ounce glass of water (or any beverage you choose) daily and enjoy.
IS KEY REDS SAFE? Absolutely! Key Reds is made up of completely non-toxic, natural ingredients. It is sugar-free, artificial sweetener-free, gluten-free, soy-free, lectin-free, and dairy-free. Every batch is tested at our facility and then retested again for quality and purity at an outside, third-party laboratory.
What Are The Ingredients In Infinite Nutrients Key Reds? Key Reds is a cutting edge formula with 6 unique blends of highly potent fruits, vegetables, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics to support peak health, energy, digestion, and vitality.
Key Reds Supplement Facts
ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS? The only ‘side effects’ we are aware of are: less gas and bloating, more energy, improved mood, increased sex drive, better sleep, improved complexion, fewer caffeine cravings, and fewer sick days at work! Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so we always encourage you to talk with your doctor about Key Reds.
WHAT IF I’M NOT SATISFIED WITH THE RESULTS? If you try Key Reds, and don’t feel a noticeable improvement in your digestion, energy levels, metabolism, mental focus, and overall sense of well-being, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Our 90-day complete money back guarantee allows you to try Key Reds with absolutely no risk involved.
Key Reds Customer Testimonials
Results are not typical. Individual results can and will vary.
Key Reds Customer Reviews
We love hearing from our customers. Here’s what they have to say about Key Reds…
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by Shauna, Salt Lake City, UT
More Energy “One of the best things I can do to start off my day is drink Key Reds… I have more energy… no more afternoon crashes and I can sleep better at night. ”Individual results may vary
by Laura, San Francisco, CA
I love Key Reds "I absolutely love these Key Reds. I cannot begin to tell you the difference it’s made in my energy levels, my clarity throughout the day. My sleep at night, energy levels, the motivation I have… and my mood, I’m happy again!. "Individual results may vary
by Jeff, Seattle, WA
Better Digestion and More Energy "I would recommend Key Reds to anyone. If you want better digestion, more energy, better motivation, if you want to sleep better at night – try it. It works for me. There’s a lot of products out there but for me Key Reds is the one that works the best. It has it all. Helps me with Energy, Digestion, in general just makes me feel better... and helps me throughout the day. "Individual results may vary
by Sondra, Somerset, CA
No more cravings "I’ve tried so many different supplements and vitamins out there. And nothing compares to Key Reds. I no longer have those afternoon cravings… And I have the energy I need… and it’s healthy, tastes great and I love it!. "Individual results may vary
by Alana, Brentwood, CA
Shocked! "Key Reds has amazed me, I’m actually shocked how well it makes me feel and even my skin is glowing. I love the taste! With Key Reds it gives you steady energy throughout the day. I don’t even drink coffee anymore after drinking Key Reds. Who needs a major crash and that jittery feeling like coffee gives you? Great product. "Individual results may vary
by Betty Ann, Atlanta, GA
Changed my life... “Key Reds has changed my life for the better. I love the huge amount of energy I feel after taking it every morning. I no longer have to drink cup after cup of coffee to stay alert and focused throughout the day. Count me as a fan. ” Individual results may vary
by Olivia S., Cedar Rapids, IA
Thank You “I’ve starting to notice a difference after taking Key Reds for about three months now. I’ve been losing weight, and my digestion isn’t causing me all the issues I had been experiencing before. The bloating and abdominal pain are gone. Thanks so much. ”Individual results may vary
by Jamie A., Chattanooga, TN
Nothing Else Worked “I had been struggling with my weight for several years now, and nothing seemed to be working. It wasn’t until I found Key Reds that I was finally able to get my belly under control. It’s been an amazing transformation in the last few months. I’m finally achieving my weight goals and bonus; my skin is looking great too. ” Individual results may vary
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