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8 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet 3 minutes to read

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When the topic of a “plant-based diet” is discussed, most people have a stereotypical assumption about the lifestyle. Instead of drawing strict rules about foods that shouldn’t be eaten on a plant-based diet, we suggest that it is better to focus on the things that should be eaten to support health and vitality. Whether you choose a strict plant-based diet or you choose to incorporate small amounts of organic meat and eggs, it is important to learn about the health benefits that are available from plant food.

The most simple, effective choice that you can make to support your health is to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Shift in Modern Diet is Leading to Poor Health

There has been a major shift in modern eating habits, creating a situation where many people are facing health challenges such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more. The disruptions to our food system are starting a domino effect that can’t be reversed without lifestyle changes.

People often turn to highly processed foods when planning meals for their family. The Standard American Diet is focused around meat, fries, soda, and a milkshake for dessert. Even though these foods are providing calories, they are resulting in nutrient deficiencies because our bodies are lacking in the important vitamins and minerals that are necessary for optimal health.

Why a Plant-Based Diet?

Learn more about nutrition, and it is easy to see why a plant-based diet offers the optimal solution to support your health. These are some of the benefits that are often experienced from a plant-based diet:

  • 1. Helps to Prevent Diabetes
  • 2. Aids in Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease and Hypertension
  • 3. Helps to Prevent Cancer Growth
  • 4. Promotes Weight Lose
  • 5. Supports Healthy Skin and Complexion
  • 6. Improves Digestion
  • 7. Slows Down the Signs of Aging
  • 8. Boosts Vision and Reduces Eye Diseases

Foundation of a Healthy Diet

Just because you are avoiding animal products, doesn’t mean that you have a healthy diet. It is important to focus eating on nutrient-rich foods while staying away from plant foods that contain antinutrients.

Here is an overview of some of the best plant foods that you can add to your diet:

  • Avocado: A great source of healthy fats and soluble fiber. Plus, one avocado provides almost as much protein as an egg.
  • Leafy Greens: Load up on salad and steamed greens, especially bitter greens. These ingredients provide important antioxidants and vital nutrients.
  • Turmeric: This superfood spice offers an effective way to reduce inflammation and chronic health problems. It is also beneficial to balance blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • Mushrooms: Not only are mushrooms a good source of plant protein, but they also offer prebiotic benefits. Plus, certain types of mushrooms can help to strengthen immune function and support overall wellness.
  • Maca Root: Hormones are a foundation to good health, and maca is a great solution to balance hormones. This root comes from Peru originally, and it is now widely known as an important superfood.
  • Berries: Brightly-colored berries are loaded with antioxidants that reduce free radical activity and protect your health. Instead of reaching for dessert after dinner, consider the benefits of a bowl of berries as an alternative.

Do you have a hard time incorporating these healthy foods into your meals? It can be a challenge to keep up with the recommendations and stay ahead of meal preparation. One solution to improve your consumption of these healthy plant-based ingredients is to use a natural supplement. Adding this simple habit to your daily lifestyle is a great way to optimize your health and reduce the risk of disease.

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